Bailey Fabrications Limited is committed to being a highly successful Structural and Architectural Metalwork company.  We firmly believe that this involves conducting our business in a manner that does not limit the ability of future generations to enjoy the environmental and social benefits that we enjoy today. 

As part of our commitment to environmental protection we have developed this policy which has been endorsed by the Board and will be communicated to our employees and other stakeholders.  

The policy will be reviewed annually and will be updated where necessary.

It forms the basis for setting environmental objectives that will continually improve the way we do business.

Our policy is to comply with current environmental legislation and where appropriate, act in anticipation of future environmental legislation. 

In particular we aim to:

  • Plan and conduct our business to minimise environmental impacts.

  • Focus on procurement to consider environmental credentials alongside quality, price and other purchasing criteria.

  • Work closely with Main Contractors involved in on-site operations to address site contamination in an appropriate manner; prevent pollution arising from site activities; minimise impacts associated with noise, dust and other temporary disruptions to local communities; improve energy and water efficiency; minimise the amount of solid waste generated and increase the value recovered from waste before its responsible disposal.

  • Train, and communicate with, our employees to increase the environmental awareness of all those who work for the company.